Powered by 20+ billion price points and 10 years of historical data, CarSight will help car rentals optimise their revenue strategy.

RateGain Technologies, the market leader in data and business intelligence solutions for travel and hospitality industry, today announced the launch of CarSightfirst of its kind data offering that would allow the car rental companies across the world to access 10 years of exhaustive historical car rental data. CarSight would enhance the price-demand estimation capability of the car rental industry and would further guide the revenue management function in process of pricing and inventory/fleet management.

CarSight efficiently combines and collates market data from over 700+ websites and competitor intelligence data from over 60 global car rental enterprises, and offers the car rental companies complete in-depth data access to pricing and demand originating from over 27,000+ locations, accumulated over 10 years. In addition to this, it also provides accurate data for more than 3000+ airport locations, which is one of the key demand indicators. The volume and depth of data and market intelligence for car rental companies, in CarSight will help pricing managers to go granular in their analysis.

According to Apurva Chamaria, Chief Revenue Officer, RateGain, “Granular and extensive data is at the heart of revenue maximization, and RateGain is committed to giving its customers access to relevant data and insights so that they are more empowered in their operational and decision-making capabilities. As revenue management becomes more complex and is dependent on multiple factors, the requirement of contextual and historical data becomes crucial for the Car Rental companies. CarSight, will bring this context to every car rental company by providing data that helps in determining historical trends. Access to this data will allow companies to become more competitive by accurately forecasting their demand and price and thus, building an effective pricing strategy.”

CarSight stores, cleans and organizes the data so that car rental companies can efficiently store, manage & process their historical data with greater ease.

Adds Apurva, “Car rental companies form an integral part of today’s travel, and meeting the demand and remaining competitive in pricing have been their utmost challenges. Companies leveraging CarSight would be able to derive pricing and fleet deployment trends by deep diving in structured data and drawing inferences on locations, date, websites etc. They would also be able to evaluate newer business opportunities, with decisions based on data.”

About RateGain:

RateGain is the #1 provider of SaaS products, which help travel, and hospitality companies make more revenue every day. RateGain offers products, which help with rate intelligence, cognitive revenue management, smart e-distribution, and brand engagement. RateGain is proud to support 500,000+ hotel properties globally impacting 13 Bn $ revenue by providing 240 billion rate and availability updates & powering over 30 Million bookings. RateGain is trusted by 25 out of the top 30 OTAs, tour operators and wholesalers, 23 of the top 30 hotel chains, 7 out of the top 10 car rental companies, top 5 cruise lines, and many leading airlines worldwide. In 2018, RateGain acquired DHISCO, which made it the only company in the world to offer end-to-end smart distribution.

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