We list 5 reasons why you should not miss conversations on hotel analytics, revenue management & distribution strategy, to boost your marketing RoI.

The right room at the right price.’ We’ve all heard this popular mantra, repeated in multiple contexts and purchase scenarios, as a guiding principle for the hotel’s industry. At Distribution Strategy Studio (DSS), we break down this core concept and explore what’s at its crux:

What makes luxury, business or economy accommodation, the ‘right room’? How do we define the ‘right price’ for a specific customer and his or her individual buying purposes? And, is there a time element involved – if so, how do we ensure we bring customers the right room at the right price and at the right time? 

Every year in different parts of the world, RateGain’s DSS brings together industry luminaries and disruptive entrepreneurs in hotels & hospitality, in a bid to answer these emerging questions.

1.Connect with hoteliers and technology experts from across the globe.

Distribution Strategy Studio or DSS brings together Industry experts, hoteliers, thought-leaders on a single platform and offer an astonishing opportunity to network. There are sessions addressed by leaders in their arenas to discuss the latest trends prevalent in the industry.
The deep-dive sessions offer ample opportunities to connect. The insightful Q&A’s after each presentation give rise to some compelling discourse, followed by candid discussions over cocktails, giving a chance to explore what’s newest in the market.

We’re focused on expanding your network and building truly meaningful professional relationships. Find vendors, peers, and leaders who can help you pave the way towards efficiency and innovation, at DSS.

2.Learn about the latest technology trends and maximize your ROI

Did you know that average customer journey begins 45 days before travel, and extends to the final review/social media sharing stage? This gives hoteliers plenty of opportunities to reach out to travelers, capture attention via targeted content, and ensure loyalty/return visits. At DSS, we outline ways in which hoteliers could optimize revenue pathways and improve their bottom line, with several ongoing use-cases and metrics reinforcing the outcome.

“The numbers and technology that you’ve shared are the very latest in the market – an amazing an insightful experience,” mentioned Nikhil Vashisht from 1589 Hotels, a participant of DSS Kuala Lumpur.

Also on the cards, are easily actionable CTAs by global tech mavens, meant for new-age hoteliers. At DSS Kuala Lumpur, our partner Dave Chan, Vice President, Asia Pacific, SHR, shared his top ten recommendations for booking engines and Rajitha Dahanayake, CEO at eMarketingEye looked at how hotels could improve their search engine rating, and cut through all the online chatter.

3. Share your experience, expertise, and queries, with our exclusive panel.

The hospitality market is replete with online aggregators, metasearch sites, and smaller offline players, all competing to offer customers that all-important cost advantage. Legitimate providers who buy in bulk at wholesale rates, might be offloading rooms and services at a higher markup – leading to a significant cost leakage. And this is only one of the more pressing issues.

At DSS, we help unbox these myriad factors that inspire marketing, pricing and revenue management decisions, from demand forecasts and past trends to optimizing your distribution network. Reach out to seasoned veterans and get all your queries answered – as mentioned, the panellists at DSS are ready to delve into the heart of your challenges offer a suitable and pragmatic solution.

4.Collaborate with disruptors and leaders, to conceptualize cutting-edge solutions for your company.

Revenue generation pathways like direct bookings are key to monetizing your hotel’s online real estate and making the promotions-to-sales value chain more transparent. Legacy systems struggle with this, as exclusive reports from The Hotels Network show that 98% interested customers leave the site after viewing dates and prices.

At DSS Kuala Lumpur in August, Sam Samsudi, Regional Sales Director at The Hotels Network, explained 3 levers to solving this challenge – comparison & context, real-time personalization predictive analytics.

Get access to vital metrics such as this, and more at DSS, and envision a smarter online journey for your organization.

5. Evolve in-sync with global benchmarks in hospitality marketing & revenue management, and set a few of your own.

Today, the hospitality business is as much a science, as it is an art-form. That’s why at Distribution Strategy Studio, we invite the best minds in the industry, exploring on-ground ideas and game-changing thought leadership. If you’re making ripples in any of the following segments or related areas, we’re eager to know more about your experience and unique industry approach:

● Online distribution
● Inventory Management
● Brand Reputation
● Channel Management
● Revenue Management
● Digital marketing
● Price optimization
● Hospitality & transport analytics

DSS is an interactive forum that’ll expand your knowledge base, create a compendium of strategic contacts, and most important, help ideate new progression pathways for your organization, even as you find answers to existing bugs.

To know when DSS arrives in your city, please check our Events page.

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Sourav Mukherjee

Associate Vice President – Sales, RateGain

Sourav is a Hospitality and Technology professional with more than 15 years of work experience with International and Domestic Hotel Chains. He has a solid business discernment with a capacity to execute an extensive variety of Global Sales and Marketing activities to establish the market presence as well as increasing revenues and profitability for the company. He has been successfully associated with RateGain for the last 3 years and currently heads the Indian Subcontinent and Middle East Region.